Patches of light shine through the leaves, the reflection in the water catches my attention. As I wade in ahead, the coolness of the creek and the birdies tweeting soothe my mind. I stand there for a while and stare into the water.

I notice some movement at the bottom of the creek. A fish with a brown skin pattern, almost identical to the creek bed appears. I dip my right hand in the water, approaching it. A shadow passes by and at the same time, I notice another creature coming toward me. A deer. It is attracted to the ripple I am making with my hand. The deer comes closer each time I swish my hand.


Coastal Access is a visual diary of my mental space during the pandemic. March 17th, 2020, right before the Pandemic hit New York City, Lizzy and I fled the city to her hometown in Northern California. To process the intensity and uncertainty of the time, I started to photograph daily in B&W film. Going through physical separation from friends and family, I often went for a walk in search of a body of water. During these walks, I found it meditative and healing to encounter and interact with different creatures.


The zines were available on Cademy.biz and Printed Matter (sold out)

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