Long time no sea

Taiwan is considered one the roots of Austronesian culture, which is closely attached to the ocean. However, the history of this island before 1949 was one foreign settlement/colonization after another. First the Portuguese in 1590, then the Dutch and the Spanish in 1600s, later the Manchus and the Japanese for the next two and half centuries. It was until Japan’s surrender in 1945 and the end of World War II that Taiwan came under the Chinese rule. Therefore, Austronesian roots on this island has lingered on its last breath for generations. 

For the following 38 years, Taiwan Republic of China, formerly known as Formosa, has promulgated the martial law, the longest imposition at that time, has again restricted people to access the beachside which caused people, live in this island nation, have an unusual fear and unfamiliarity to the sea.

In the search for this vanishing connection with ocean of the people living on the island, I travelled along the shoreline and let these traces appear to me between tides.

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